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My Story

"I don't like cake."

This is what my oldest child told me in 2014 when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted on his birthday.  He wanted sugar cookies, specifically the big, iced kind. Making that first batch was so fun and the smile on his face when he saw his very own Lego birthday cookies was so rewarding that I kept going.  I made ballerina cookies for my daughter’s next birthday. Then superhero cookies for my neighbors’ kids. Pretty soon I was asked to make cookies for fundraising events, baby showers, confirmations, and for clients' Thanksgiving and Christmas tables. Sweet Al's Cookies was born.

Fast forward to today and I have made thousands of sugar cookies for hundreds of customers. 

During the pandemic, I was looking for new items to add to Sweet Al's menu and I discovered macarons when my gluten-free friend kept asking for something I could make for her.  Since then, I have become hooked on those classy, colorful little creations.  My family loves them too! 

I would love to bake for you and strive to be your go-to "cookie lady" in Hamilton County!

❤️ Allison